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its pronounced "yr ow puh" not "yr see puh" thanks

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Posted by eurcpa - 5 hours ago

a once lost tape, so rotten the dust almost destroyed it completely.

the girl on the cover staring back at me, with the expression of anger

the letters separated by the easily recognized symbols

as the first track plays it triggers a feeling of nostalgia

the sound of disc-rot fits so well, too well. 

a persons voice starts to sing, that nostalgic feeling turns into something unexplainable.

such a special feeling this voice gives me

i focus on the other sounds, traveling through my ears

sounds so unique, sounds that ive never heard something like it before

it all comes together so well, it gives me a warm feeling

as the other tracks play, the same voice, the same type of sound

the last track finishes and the first track repeats

the beginning melody triggers that feeling 

the voice starts singing again, i feel so safe

i sit and let the tracks play over and over again

that feeling never fades, that special feeling of comfort

soon the music stops playing, everything is so silent

my body feeling warm, its like when someone stops hugging you after a long time

i smile as i press play again and let those special feelings roll back to me

if your wondering what im exactly referencing and talking about in this poem, im talking about this masterpiece right here

—> https://open.spotify.com/album/7FWEOSHm38Sq7dybOA4w7D?si=nWNLMG1xTvu-vao24_KK-Q



Posted by eurcpa - 10 days ago

happy thanksgiving newgrounds!! if you celebrate it or not either way im thankful for you!! ive met so many amazing people through this awesome website. i love coming on here and seeing all the great content. thanks to newgrounds, i got back into writing and got into poetry. poetry has helped me a lot and if your willing to, write a poem!! i promise it helps with understanding your emotions more and feels good to let your feelings out. keep being awesome newgrounds!! i love youuu <3


Posted by eurcpa - 1 month ago

happy november novel writing month newgrounds!!!

i wish luck to anyone who is participating in the challenge, i haven’t decided if im going to try to do it yet since november is gonna be a busy month for me. 

im going to be going for the newgrounds writing anthology 2!! 

ive never participated in any writing things like this, but i have faith in myself that ill do amazing, even if i dont get picked ill be proud of myself for stepping up, having confidence and working hard. thanks to all my friends that are rooting for me. 

november plans are kinda all over the place right now, i have to work on the end of the year video for my youtube and 3 year editing anniversary edit for my editing instagrams. going to be writing a lot this month. im going to be taking one of my series ideas into action and hopefully get something released this month. i’d also like to get back to writing stories again, i havent writen a story in so long it feels like its been months. all ive been doing is writing poems. i also wanna get into graphic design and more photography. 

the past 2 months have been really sucky but i have a good feeling about november. im entering november with good thoughts and positive attitude. (even know im sick). this month is gonna be very busy. its gonna be hard to stay away from video games and anime. 

also if anyone wants to be friends or collaborate on something writing related, im looking for some writing friends. most of my friends don’t really understand writing and isnt that into it. makes me feel kinda lonely and it sucks when someone doesn’t understand what your talking about lol.

lets all have an amazing november and end of the year newgrounds!! 


Posted by eurcpa - October 28th, 2021

im not the best at keeping secrets

im not the best at keeping things in i shouldnt say

if i say those three little words it could ruin everything 

but i cant keep it in any longer

 i try my hardest to impress you and make you proud

i try to complement you to make you smile

i try to avoid any problems that can get in our way

but i dont know where this path is taking me

soon jealousy comes and takes over, its like i just want you all to myself

its my fault for not taking action and interacting 

but maybe im waiting for you to interact this time

if you really love me you wouldnt forget about me

a person comes in the way of my path

ive seen this person many times before but its harder to ignore them

its like shes taking you away from me

unintentionally trying to make me jealous 

these emotions that i told you ive been feeling is not what you think

these emotions are scary and im afraid ill mess up

ive been on a constant bumpy roller coaster i just cant escape

i dont know if its just lyrics getting to my head or im actually feeling this way

if i had the guts to say it i would

but i have to sugar coat everything hoping you know what im saying

ive put up many signs but your just not noticing

i know if i tell you everything you would be terrified of me 

i dont know what else to say but

i love you


Posted by eurcpa - October 14th, 2021

if i didnt love you i wouldnt tell you what you did wrong

if i didnt love you i wouldnt come to you when im feeling upset or overwhelmed 

if i didnt love you i wouldnt help you when you need it

if i didnt love you i wouldnt get mad at you when you hurt me

if i didnt love you i wouldnt give you second chances

if you love me you would of considered my feelings more

if you love me you would act like you actually cared

if you love me you would tell me the truth

if you love me you would stop running away from your problems

if you love me you would give me time and space to put my thoughts in order

if you love me you would take this more seriously 

if you love me you wouldnt share things we promised to keep between us

if you love me you wouldnt embarrass me

if you love me you wouldnt call me dramatic 

if you love me you wouldnt bring it up infront of everyone 

if you love me you wouldnt let history repeat

if you love me you wouldnt give up so easily

if you love me you would keep you promise 

if you love me you would stop making everything as a joke

if you love me you would think before you say

if you love me you would learn from your mistskes

if you love me you would actually listen to me 

if you love me you would use your brain and realize whats right and whats wrong

if you love me you would genuinely love me


Posted by eurcpa - October 2nd, 2021


i dont wanna grow up

i dont want to move out

i dont want to deal with stress

i dont want to realize all the bad things 

i miss spending endless hours playing roblox

i miss playing with barbies and singing songs

i miss not caring what others think of me

i miss not knowing how stupid i am

i miss not being on technology all the time 

i want someone to take care of me

i want someone to do everything for me

i want someone to just fix everything 

i want to be happy again

i want my friends back

i want my life back

i want to be a kid again


Posted by eurcpa - September 8th, 2021

how is it so easy for other people to connect?

how do you make a conversation about any arbitrary topic?

i can talk for hours about the things i'm into but so much that i don't know when to stop or even know how to stop. 

when talking about my interests i get put into my own universe, ignoring what's going on around me and i end up ignoring people or interrupting them. 

but for anything else...i don't know what to say.

i feel like i come off as rude if i don't talk about their interests too. 

then i somehow find a way to bring up my interests again.

i'm not much of a listener. i love talking, and the only thing i know how to talk about is my interests. 

when i talk about my interests, i feel like i'm annoying whoever i'm talking to. 

i cant help but talk about what i love. i'm too passionate about it. 

but when i catch myself getting overly obsessive in front of people, i feel like i'm making a fool out of myself.

when people let me talk about my interests and try to get into it too i feel like i'm being taken pity on. 

are they only letting me talk about it to make me happy?

if you don't like me or don't want to talk about my interests, then just tell me. i'll accept that and move on. well at least i try to.


Posted by eurcpa - September 5th, 2021

working on theres not just one reality part 2 right now. its gonna be realll good so look forward to it. i never really promoted this one and only showed a couple of people. this is the only completed story i have atm. but keep in mind the new series im working on is nothing like this. and internet girl is similar in the "reality" type concept. also this is pretty old too. this is from december 2020. but my writing has definitely changed since then.


also im thinking of doing writing commissions. if i do ill probably do it for free cause i dont really want money. maybe doing commissions will give me more motivation and practice lol


Posted by eurcpa - August 25th, 2021


Posted by eurcpa - August 19th, 2021